One of the main reasons that humans experience changes in cultural and social behavior is because new inventions are constantly being created. The problem humans face in the modern world, is that everyday life has become too overwhelming too bear. Modern innovations play part in this exhaustion of the body and spirit.


The human race now has an attachment to advanced computer systems: One that we cannot escape from, if we (as individuals) wish to remain a part of society. I am referring to inventions such as the personal computer, the internet, Smartphones, Google, and Facebook (among other modern inventions).


These inventions can be thought of as a double-edged sword. As much as the creators want to believe their “babies” are the best thing since sliced bread, and will do unbelievable wonders for the world; we should observe the actual effects of these inventions on the human race, as opposed to the optimistic projections from the founders.


In the past if you wanted to research a subject, you had to take the time finding the information in the local library. Now, all you have to do is “Google” whatever you’re searching for and you’ll be sure to find quite a plethora of information in about two and a half seconds.


Before Facebook (or even Social Media as a whole) you were simply bound to wondering where your high school friends ended up in their lives. Now all you have to do is search for their name, and “Friend” them; and afterwards you will be updated with the minutiae of their lives.


Due to this technology we seem to have lost appreciation for the simple things in life. Little personal moments seemed to have lost their importance, because people are more concerned with “sharing” these moments across Facebook, rather than simply enjoying them privately. Before Google came about, people used to find joy after discovering the information they needed, after a long search. However, it has now become quite blasé to have found several sources in the search results in less than three seconds.



The profits gained by the creators of the previously mentioned systems are unconscionable to most people; as all of them are part of the One Percent (the world’s richest people). Unfortunately many people will not be able to be a part of mainstream society because they are made outcasts (turned homeless) due to the world’s computerized system of operation. Am I blaming modern technology directly for homelessness? No, but more-so I am saying homeless is an indirect result of the over-bearing force technology has over humanity.


On a positive note, we are able to experience new ideas, creative works, and helpful information from other people. Or perhaps if there is something you are doubtful of: if a business is legitimate, a product is worth buying, or a certain website is safe or dangerous, you can get much needed information by reading reviews and blogs.


There is an old saying: seek and you shall find. In our modern world, the word “seek” can be replaced with: “Google {Search}” or “Facebook Search”.  Due to the internet, there are great people (such as myself) whose ideas you can benefit greatly from, and possibly interact with: such that your life quality is improved.


Entrepreneurs such as Tim Berners-Lee, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Mark Zuckerberg all have/had the belief that their inventions would not only change the world, but greatly improve humanity. Were they right? The ideas these men dreamt of became the new ways of life for the rest of the World. Has your life improved because of these men? Either way, if none of them followed their dreams, you probably would know nothing about HumansAreWe nor my existence.