It is quite upsetting to see what has happened to our World. Specifically that the masses have been plagued with dire circumstances: because most people do not have the money they need to afford life.  The masses, also known as the 99%, have become beleaguered by a system which does not seem to include them. We now live in a World that is Owned by, and built specifically for: the Rich.


The Modern American Dream is the idea that: individual members of the (former) poor class, or (former) middle class will become rich if they work very hard; Therefore they will become financially successful, and in much greater control of their lives. Truthfully, very few people actually have achieved the American Dream. What most people don’t realize is that those who have achieved the ‘Dream had far less legal obstacles than at the current time (2008-2016). Another concept that most people don’t realize, is that most billionaires living today were able to get access to large sums of money to start their corporation: therefore nixing the idea that the American Dream can be achieved purely from an individual’s hard work alone.


At this point in human history, there seems to be a very strong divide between those who have achieved the American Dream, and everyone else. No one desires the pain from hunger, loneliness, isolation, and poverty. These concepts can be thought of as Emergency States of Living: and so many unfortunate people, who were once members of the middle class, are now waking up every day to the horror of homelessness. Those who are struggling to pay bills live in fear of losing everything they own. Is the American Dream the cause for all of this pain? Quite possibly.


You have most likely heard the terms: Corporation, C.E.O, and Billionaire* all too often in the media. All of terms are the ugly epitome of people who have won big in life. The problem is such that CEO’s are winning too much in life’s game: without leaving much opportunity for other members of the human race to succeed. Truthfully, many C.E.O’s do not wish for others to live at or near poverty as a result of their (CEO’s) success: these just happen to be the unintended outcomes for society.


Corporations are a bad concept for humanity; The constant and growing success for some humans, whilst others struggle heavily does not a happy World make. Is there a solution to this problem, in which only those who suffer seem to really notice? This is a tough question to answer. There is one thing that is to be noted: No real solution can come from the Corporations. Corporations play a large part in causing problems for the World, as opposed to Solving the ones that already exist; regardless of a CEO’s efforts to donate to philanthropy and charity.


Much like the concept of the lottery, The American Dream is a game that grants everyone a chance to play, and possibly win. However in both cases, most end up not winning. Though does that mean the losers have to live in mental and physical agony for the rest of their lives? Unfortunately, in today’s World, it seems to be so. It isn’t a question of fairness: It’s a question of money. Simply put, every human being, rich or poor, seems to ask: Why don’t I have more?




*In many ways, hearing the terms: Corporation, C.E.O, and Billionaire can make a person slightly sick; They may not know exactly why, but they know they would rather not hear them.