In my youtube video: Who is really benefiting from Facebook(and Soc. Media) I discuss my personal conflicts with usage of Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. I arrive a valid points of interest; facts that are not as uncommon as they are unnoticed by most indiviuals. In this blog I wish to illustrate another reason why social media is unhealthy.


Most people would like to fashion themselves as independent thinkers. I happen to share this title with those individuals. I’m of the mind that my creativity is unique; If I am an independent thinker, I am a rare item of the kind. Why do I believe this? I feel as if I am one in a billion in my thought process. I am humble at the same moment.


However, to return to the average Joe or Jo-anne who feel themselves to be independent intellectuals, two of their outlets to let the world become aware of their astute notions are: Facebook and Twitter. I wish to inform my readers that I do not think less of you if you are users of these Social Sharing Networks. I currently wish to ask a question: When you are using either Facebook or Twitter to share your minds discoveries and footholds, how do your emotions seem to channel: Negatively or Postively?


The reason I have a personal aversion to Social Media Sites (Facebook, Twitter) is simple: Usage of said elements brings me much more grief, strife and pain (in addition to routine day to day stress) than it does happiness, relief and satisfaction. Yet though I feel this way, I do not think I am completely alone. I hope many users (of Facebook, Twitter etc.) will understand my personal negative feedback towards the worlds most popular websites.


To aid in doing that, I will provide an extended answer to the question I proposed earlier: Whatever events are taking place in you life, you use Social Media as an outlet to express your interpretations of what can only be referred to as the madness of the world; be it via lessons from your personal life, or theories on national, state, or world issues. Not at all instances, but at certain moments when you post on Facebook or Twitter your emotional spectrum starts with empowerment and ends with a gloomy feeling as if you shouldn’t have posted anything at all. Did I hit the nail on the head? Like if you agree.*


When you make a verbal statement in a college classroom or an office meeting, the audience your addressing hold differing reactions. If they’re silent they may agree, disagree, or simply be ambivalent towards yourself and your views. Your wishes are that most of this hypothetical audience would agree with you, and you would be even more delighted if they strongly agreed. Though when you enter your thoughts on Twitter or Facebook the rules seem to change; People have decided that when they strongly disagree, they want to make sure that you, the Facebook poster, or tweeter, are thoroughly alerted of their disdain for your wise anecdotes.


I will note that cyber-bullying may come to your mind at this time. This is an unfortunate yet vital topic to be aware of. However the abuse of online users is not exhaustive to students in grades K-12 (United States System of Educational Advancement). It just seems to continue into adulthood* when you feel what you have to say is true, and a great many others are composed of the antithesis to your views. The result: The online equivalent of when past-time performers in show business, e.g. vaudevillians, gave an unsatisfactory performance, and during (or following) said performance were booed and showered with vegetables by the morose audience.


I have mentioned in my video: Who is really benefiting from Facebook(and Soc. Media) that I am not an avid supporter of Social Media. In truth, I have no reason to be. You may then look at this very website and retort: Does not utilize Social Media? The answer is yes it does. I have a youtube channel with which I create educational informative videos, and a website in which I post blogs of equal nature. As well, I have used to express my opinions on videos whilst using my channel (HumansAreWe) avatar. I have come to the conclusion that a great many times, doing this, even with the best intentions (educational, humorous, or pragmatic), and always with a respectable, mature approach (rare to find similar behavior online or in the real world) I usually find myself showered in vegetables (if I can allude to my own previous analogy).


Why is this important? Well to use yourself (the reader) as your own validation, think of how many times you have been attacked on Facebook or Twitter in this same form. In contrast, have you ever been an attacker, and joined other anonymous cyber-hunters in the emotional twisting of a more or less innocent Facebook Poster or Tweeter? Have you done this on as well?


The lesson I have gleaned is this: When I make a post, lets say for example a youtube comment, I try to form it so that it is a kind comment, yet truthful. Not unlike the viewing of my (Brian Berger’s) articles and videos, people will have differing reactions. Unfortunately, the truth is that many of those reactions are hurtful and do have lasting negative health effects over the long term.


Reading this, you may not have ever posted a video online, or a blog. Facebook posts or tweets? Probably. I’m not suggesting anything. I’m just notifying you that even if your like myself: nice,mature, well-meaning and considerate, it seems there is nothing protecting you from attracting vicious dissenters. Except of course, keeping your fingers off the keyboard as much as you can bear.



* Like if you agree: I am using a pun on Social Media lingo. You cannot like this paragraph specifically.


* Cyber Bullying occurs in schools all over the world. Cyber-bullying is a negative utilization of social media. However I am not referring to students continuing this practice following the transpiring of their primary school education. I am referring to the vague cases of online abusers who continue posting mean hurtful comments if they are in opposition to the beliefs of another. i.e. : youtube trolls.


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