On Television News (or more-so Online Newsfeeds) we are repeatedly informed of activities and shown footage of: Celebrities, Socialites, Famous Athletes, Renowned Experts, and other famous people. In a World that is constantly getting more difficult to reach happiness in, it may sadden average everyday people (that is non-Celebrities, non-Socialites, non-famous Athletes etc.) that they (as average people) have experienced far less financial, and achievement-based success than these uber-successful individuals.


The everyday John-Q person may experience the specific dismal feelings mentioned above, as well as asking him/herself: “Why couldn’t I have become a Celebrity/ Famous Person?” I am sure this question has crossed your mind more times than you can count. It’s one of those questions you might never speak aloud to anyone, but certainly, there is a part of you that desires fame and fortune together.


What is it like to live like Bill Gates, Tom Cruise, or Princess Kate Middleton? On the positive side: you have all the money you need to do whatever or travel wherever you want. In truth, famous people have so much money that the only thing many of them resolve to do is give it away to charities. The main negative aspect: they have to make an effort of keeping a low profile when they are in public (which is a damn near impossible task) otherwise they run the risk of being swarmed by average people who want to meet them.


To become famous is certainly a commendable achievement that neither you nor I will probably ever see. Only 3% of the entire human population can actually say that they are officially famous. In today’s world of Social Media, it has become somewhat easier (but not at all “easy”) to become famous as a Vlogger (Video Blogger) via Youtube.com


There are many people who do great things for humanity but never become famous. There are journalists, authors, bloggers, musicians, life coaches (myself included) therapists, doctors, and nameless others who strive to improve the quality of people’s lives while they will most likely never be recognized worldwide for their achievements toward humanity.


My advice to you is: Do not beat yourself up if many years have gone by and you never become famous. Similar to how you hear people talk about dropping your worries about regrets from the past, you might as well also drop your worries of never becoming famous: because both are toxic to your overall health.