In the last eight years, (since the collapse of the world’s economy) college and university systems across the world have been getting negative reputations. In other words, the tradition of going to college and getting [at least] a bachelor’s degree, has been regarded as a waste of time and money by a majority of current and former college students. As someone who does not have a college degree (I have been a college student in my lifetime) but is in fact, a highly educated man, I understand the need for a college/university system in all countries.


            For many people, the greatest experiences they have in life are not in high school, but in times after high school is over. The reason for this happening after the high school years, is because the brain has reached a mature point of development, (even though the individual him/herself may not behave in a mature way) where that person can truly appreciate the moments and experiences that happen to them. In particular, when someone is trying to find themselves, a great place for them to find out “who they are”, is in college/university.


            Thus far, I have covered the spiritual aspect of having a college/university system. This would be an aspect for individuals to help them find their purpose in the world. Though what about the bigger picture: The importance of college/university systems for society as a whole?


            A healthy human society can be broken down into three (3) financial classes: Lower class, Middle Class, and an Upper Class. Not regarding what is fair, or what is not, in a social system, it needs to have these three classes in order to remain stable. With the right political leaders, and right economic conditions, any society can remain somewhere close to stable. However our current world does not have either of those things.


            For arguments sake, let’s say in order for a society to remain stable, the class with the most members should be the middle class. In order to keep the number of middle class members as the highest number of all the classes (this is not the current case in any nation) there needs to be an education system. Grades Kindergarten through 12th grade are certainly important to have. Though a society also needs a college system that is not tuition-free, but exists to surve the purpose of: educating students to enter the work-force. Students will now have skills necessary for whatever field they are is entering. If this happens for a majority of the students going to college, there will be a moderately healthy middle class. This means that people are successfully graduating from college, and are working in jobs requiring skills they learned throughout their time spent in college.


            I will list the problems of the current college systems in most nations:


-College is too expensive

-Students are taking out student loans they will never be able to pay off because:

They aren’t able to get the jobs in their field because:

There are no opportunities in those fields (except for possible unpaid internships)

-Students do not have the skills required to do their job properly because even though they have taken required courses, students:

Do not see value in education (they only want to receive a degree), therefore in actuality:

the students learn little to nothing regarding the fields they are majoring in.



            College Systems are important because they help an individual discover him/herself (who they are, and are not), as they interact with other people. College Systems (or at least effective ones) are also important for all of society, because they help maintain a moderately healthy middle class.


            For most of the world today, the middle class is close to non-existent. Families who were once middle class are now part of the “working-class poor”.* College Systems, which were once effective in maintaining the middle class, have become a burden to all of society for reasons listed previously.


            Many people (Americans in particular) have become anti-college, and that’s understandable. Though, it’s not the idea of college that should be disputed. The problem is that currently, colleges/universities across the globe have failed to help societies remain stable; as the other systems surrounding (healthcare, leadership, childhood education, economy etc.) fail as well.













*Working-class poor: individuals and/or families who are only able to pay bills without the ability to save money otherwise