Usually, on T.V and on Social Media, you hear about people being accused racism, and/or sexism. Sometimes, the accused are guilty, other times they are innocent. Though there is another type of discrimination you almost never hear about: Classism.

               What is classism? It’s the idea or feeling that someone is better than another person because they are in a higher economic class, or in simple terms:  because they have more money, and more opportunities than poor people. 

                My point in writing this short post, is to bring awareness to classism. In comparison to racism, or sexism, classism, is a character trait, that is not as difficult to identify: yet it remains a topic that is never talked about. Narcissism is a staple requirement of Classism. In Short, Classism is when a person believes: “ I have more money, possessions, and opportunities, therefore: my life is more important than people who have less than me.” Do you know any classist individuals? My advice is to steer clear of them.  You are only going to be disappointed when dealing with people who have a mindset like this; Or any type of narcissist, for that matter.